Coffee partner: with or without

Although drinking net coffee is a fashion, most coffee customers will add milk or coffee partner to their coffee, in order to have a wonderful \”smooth\” feeling.

Milk is a natural ally of coffee and cocoa. It is said that when coffee and cocoa arrived in Europe, they were not popular at first. Later, someone accidentally found that these two things with milk, actually become delicious. So the world has milk, coffee and chocolate.

In 1961, Nestle launched the milk free coffee mate, which became popular all over the world. This coffee mate has been well translated into \”coffee mate\” by Hong Kong people. It has become popular in the mainland market by taking advantage of China\’s opening up.

But the weather is unpredictable. According to the autobiography, the main ingredient of coffee partner, \”hydrogenated vegetable oil\”, contains a component called trans fats, which will increase the body\’s \”bad cholesterol\” and thus increase the risk of heart disease. Coffee partners who originally \”have no animal fat but are good for health\” suddenly go to the opposite side of the original image.

A few days ago, a very lovely friend gave me a bag of coffee. The origin of this bag of coffee is very interesting.

Not long ago, this friend had a physical examination and was sad to find that he was overweight. She pondered and doubted about the famous Starbucks and the \”cream\” of its vegetable fat. So she wrote an email to Starbucks headquarters to ask for an explanation.

To her surprise, the behemoth replied to her letter. In addition to thanking her for her concern for Starbucks, explaining that the company was already dealing with the issue of hydrogenated vegetable oil, she was also given a coupon.

Finally, this coupon became my coffee, a bag of high quality Italian roasted coffee beans weighing 200 grams.

A few days ago, a reporter from Guangzhou learned about the local banana disease from a \”mass organization of scientific and technological workers\”, and wrote a report. As a result, Hainan Island, where banana buyers from all over the country gathered thousands of miles away, fell into inexplicable panic. The banana market in Hainan collapsed, and countless high-quality bananas rotted in banana fields.

This case tragically confirms the chaos theory. The theory of chaos, which is fascinating both in terms of name and content, says that the evolution of a nonlinear dynamic system is very sensitive to \”small disturbances\”. For the unexpected evolution of nonlinear dynamic system, Mr. Lorenz, who is respected as one of the founders of chaos theory, has a vivid metaphor: a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil may produce a tornado in Texas, USA.

But human society is such a system. The butterfly that Lorenz said was flapping its wings in Guangzhou this time. A storm broke out in Hainan thousands of miles away, which made thousands of banana farmers in a desperate situation.

In our chaotic world, where information is flying all over the world at the speed of light, a small \”disturbance\” may lead to dramatic changes or even reversal of the great situation. Many painful experiences make risk management the focus of government and enterprise management. A position called \”chief risk officer (CRO)\” came into being. In the 1990s, one-third of the S & P 500 established this position.

Maybe the bag of coffee that my lovely friend gave me was sent by cro of Starbucks? She doesn\’t know, and I don\’t know. However, the ability of Starbucks to deal with public crisis can be seen from this. As for those Hainan banana farmers who want to cry without tears, I\’m afraid they don\’t have their own cro to keep an eye on the \”Lorentz butterfly\”. Maybe they are still at the stage of \”fighting their own way\”. Whether there is a decent industry organization is a problem.

In fact, Starbucks was the first food giant to quietly cut back on hydrogenated vegetable oil. But Nestle, another giant, seemed to be standing still. On the mainland, at least, shopping malls are still full of Nestle coffee partners, whose main ingredient is \”hydrogenated vegetable oil\”.

Perhaps the medical community is still controversial about the harm of \”hydrogenated vegetable oil\” and its degree of harm. In fact, so far only one New York City has banned it. Whether \”hydrogenated vegetable oil\” is a crisis may vary. However, as a dinosaur class Super enterprise, it needs the market to make profits, but also to prevent the enterprise from crashing down overnight. Otherwise, why set up the \”cro\”? Everyone knows that the bigger the thing is, the faster it will fall down, and the more ugly it will be.

As coffee consumers, our question is who to trust? Starbucks or Nestle?

It doesn\’t matter who you believe. What matters is, when we drink that cup of delicacies, with or without coffee partner?