Talking about: the origin of vegetable fat powder (cream) and milk tea, the original false milk is better to drink!

In daily life, there is a group of people who are not happy without milk tea. At the same time, there are also a group of people who firmly resist milk tea. What they hear most is that milk tea contains a lot of additives and unhealthy substances, which will have adverse effects on human body after drinking. As for the adverse effects, they are too general to be discussed one by one.

Milk tea, as the name suggests, one is “milk” and the other is “tea”, which is usually made of about 3 / 4 tea + 1 / 4 milk. There are real milk and fake milk. Tea is different. Green tea, black tea, Ceylon black tea, oolong tea, jasmine green tea There are more. Real milk is milk, and fake milk is what we often say: fat powder, also called milk essence.

This bear will talk about why there are real milk and fake milk. The earliest milk tea was of course milk and tea. Later, it was found that milk tea could be replaced by vegetable fat powder. The appearance and taste of milk tea made from milk are very similar. Even the milk tea made from vegetable fat powder can provide consumers with better sensory experience and taste more smooth.

The same appearance, taste even more, so that people can make milk tea without milk, greatly reducing the cost. People can produce more milk tea with the same money, or spend less money to consume a cup of milk tea. The emergence of vegetable fat powder provides business opportunities for many businesses.

After all, fake milk is fake milk. If you drink too much, there will always be some problems, and the problem lies in hydrogenated vegetable oil, the main component of vegetable fat powder. Most hydrogenated vegetable oils are partially hydrogenated, not fully hydrogenated. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils contain trans fatty acids. Numerous scientific studies have found that there is a direct positive correlation between trans fatty acids and human cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, there is a saying that drinking milk tea can cause heart disease. Can milk tea still be drunk? Of course, it can! The main thing is to drink more and drink less. According to the data, we have a daily intake of 1.45g of trans fatty acids, consumers can control the amount.