Taxation Policy Analysis of Non-dairy Creamer Industry

At present, the state encourages enterprises to implement active tax planning in accordance with the direction of industrial policy and promotion of development, in order to achieve the purpose of legal and reasonable tax saving. Enterprises can only make full use of their tax policies if they are familiar with, master and abide by tax laws. Many industries and local tax preferential policies already have specific rules and regulations. The following will give you a brief introduction.

Most preferential tax policies:

1. The state encourages the development of high-tech enterprises. Enterprises can introduce advanced technologies, promote transformation and upgrading, and improve product grades, so that they can meet the requirements of high-tech enterprises and obtain tax relief;

2. Enterprises can obtain pre-tax deductions for the investment amount by investing in small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises and start-up technology enterprises;

3. By registering in areas with preferential taxation policies such as western regions, ethnic minority areas, and old revolutionary bases, companies have received local (136) financial (2978) support and rewards (6283). We provide long-term stable tax preferential policies: value-added tax , Enterprise income tax, personal income tax can enjoy 30%-50% of the local fiscal income part of the financial support incentives! Large taxpayers can “one matter, one discussion”, free of charge for enterprises, shareholders, executives and employees to customize a reasonable plan.

Therefore, although there are still some problems in the future development of the non-dairy creamer industry, the non-dairy creamer production enterprises through reasonable financial arrangements for tax planning and enjoy tax preferential policies can also provide a certain degree of objective help for the long-term development of the non-dairy creamer industry. .

Tax planning for the non-dairy creamer industry:

At the end of December 2020, the financial department of a non-dairy creamer manufacturer found that the taxable income in 2020 was 2.3 million yuan, and the enterprise income tax needs to be paid 230*25%=575,000 yuan. If you are registered in a region with preferential tax policies, you can enjoy up to 50% of the local financial support incentives. The 575,000 corporate income tax paid this time can get 57.5*40%*50% = 115 thousand financial support incentives.

As we all know, paying taxes in accordance with the law is an obligation of every enterprise and every citizen. Tax evasion will not only shame your reputation and damage your credit, but will also be subject to administrative or legal penalties. Only by studying the tax laws, studying the terms carefully, and making full use of the preferential tax policies on this basis, can we achieve reasonable and effective tax saving effects. In the future, the non-dairy creamer industry will continue to innovate and reform production technology, enjoy corresponding tax reductions and exemptions, and achieve industry optimization and upgrading. This article provides a rough answer based on the tax policy analysis of the non-dairy creamer industry. For more information, please leave a message on this site. Boduo International will serve you wholeheartedly!