the best creamy non-dairy coffee creamer

It is very difficult for vegetarians to get rid of steak, eggs or coffee. In order to drink a cup of delicious coffee without milk, vegetarians began to look for suitable milk substitutes. During the investigation, everyone found that non-dairy creamer is growing rapidly in the plant-based market, and it is a very common non-dairy coffee creamer.

The traditional Coffee-Mate (Nestlé product) does not contain lactose and is called “non-dairy product”. Its products contain sodium caseinate or caseinate, which is only harmful to people who are sensitive to milk, so it has become a learning object for many creamer raw material manufacturers. Boduo International’s coffee creamer is exactly the same.

In order to produce the best creamy non-dairy coffee creamer, Boduo International has been conducting market research to research the creamy non-dairy coffee creamer brands that customers like. The evaluation obtained by the taste test is more subjective, so the test results are analyzed through data, and the user needs are presented as objectively as possible.

These demands have helped Boduo International improve its craftsmanship and formula to produce a flavor that customers like, and it is the best non-dairy coffee creamer. There are many types of non-dairy coffee creamers produced by Boduo International, and the actual cream taste and consistency are different. Customers can choose freely according to their needs.

Unlike most non-dairy creamers, Boduo International is more tailored to the needs of vegetarians and has healthier nutrition without excessive addition of sucrose and oil (coconut, palm or sunflower). Therefore, in the daily process of choosing coffee, if you want to find the best non-dairy coffee creamer with the right cream flavor, it is recommended to reach a cooperation with Boduo International, which is green and healthy, nutritionally balanced, and inexpensive. Customers who are interested in consulting and cooperation, please leave a message for details!