The category and working principle of non-dairy cream dryer

The dryer is a key part of the non-dairy creamer production process. According to the survey, we learned that the dryer is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses heat energy to reduce the moisture content of materials. It is mainly used to dry objects. The equipment heats the moisture in the material, vaporizes and escapes, and finally obtains Materials with appropriate moisture content.

This is the case in the production process of non-dairy creamer. The purpose of this drying of non-dairy creamer is mainly because the material needs further processing, so the operation of the dryer is used to complete this work. Therefore, everyone who is interested in the classification and working materials of non-dairy cream dryer can get a detailed answer below.

The types of non-dairy cream dryers can be distinguished according to the operating pressure, which can be roughly divided into two categories-vacuum dryers and atmospheric dryers. Of course, the non-dairy cream dryer can also be divided into reduced pressure and normal pressure according to the pressure operation. In many cases, vacuum dryers are called vacuum dryers. In addition, there are freezer dryers, adsorption dryers and microwave dryers in the dryer equipment.

The working principle of the dryer is not complicated. If wood and other materials need to be dried before being made into wooden molds or wooden utensils. The purpose of this is to prevent the deformation of the products made in the future. Then the materials such as pottery should also be dried before calcination, because it can Effectively prevent cracking, and the dried materials are more convenient to carry, transport and store.

Of course, because the dryer can fully dry the harvested grain to prevent mildew. This method is more efficient than natural drying and can meet the needs of large-scale production. Therefore, these mechanized drying equipment began to be used to produce non-dairy creamer type products, and professional non-dairy creamer dryers appeared.

Among them, freeze dryers commonly used in non-dairy cream dryers use the principle of refrigeration technology to dry compressed air. This type of compression refrigeration consists of four parts: condenser, refrigeration compressor, expansion valve, and evaporator, and they are all connected together in sequence by pipes to form a closed system. The refrigerant is in this In the system, there is continuous circulation, and continuous heat exchange with the cooling medium.

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