The changing trend and reasons for the profit level of the milk tea industry

With the continuous development of the domestic economy and the increase in residents’ income and consumption levels, the structure of residents’ food and beverage consumption has gradually transformed and upgraded from subsistence consumption to leisure consumption. Milk tea products are more and more recognized and favored by consumers due to their advantages in taste, color and safety. Among them, non-dairy creamer plays a very important role as the main reason affecting the profit level of the milk tea industry.

With the concentration of milk tea market share to dominant companies, the large-scale and automated production capacity of milk tea raw materials manufacturers have continued to increase, and the production costs of milk tea raw materials have been effectively reduced, which has expanded the profit margins of downstream operators in the milk tea industry and attracted more entrepreneurs to participate .

At the same time, with residents’ increasing awareness of food safety and the gradual improvement of consumption concepts, milk tea products with brand appeal have gradually become the primary choice of consumers, market concentration in the industry has further increased, and large enterprises have bargaining power in the upper reaches of the supply chain. And the ability to transfer upward pressure on raw materials to consumers is getting stronger.

With the vigorous development of the milk tea market, the benefits of cost control and large-scale production capacity of leading companies in the milk tea industry have gradually emerged. However, due to the relatively high degree of marketization and fierce competition in the domestic milk tea raw material industry, the domestic The profit of the milk tea raw material industry is basically stable at a relatively reasonable level.

All in all, with the continuous development of the milk tea industry, more new raw material production technologies and new raw material production equipment will be used in the production process. For example, the production process of non-dairy creamer raw materials has significantly improved the level of automation, which not only improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs, but also improves the quality of non-dairy creamer products, so that the existing milk tea products show better colors. ,fragrance.