The development trend of non-dairy creamer industry (3)

1. Raise the quality and health requirements of non-dairy creamer

In terms of quality requirements, the stability and nutritional indicators of non-dairy creamer products will continue to improve in the future; in terms of product taste, non-dairy creamer manufacturers will continue to innovate on the basis of existing formulas and formulate more distinctive flavors In terms of application, non-dairy creamer product manufacturers will continuously adjust the research and development direction according to the application fields of different downstream non-dairy creamer products, combined with the process flow, open up new downstream areas and launch new functional products.

At the same time, with the strict implementation of food safety laws and regulations and consumer upgrades, low-end non-dairy creamer products will gradually be eliminated by the market. The non-dairy creamer industry has continuously increased the demand for high-quality and healthy products, and has begun to carry out corresponding technological innovations and formula improvements to ensure that consumers’ high standards for quality and health are met.

2. Industrial chain extension becomes the development direction of non-dairy creamer enterprises

From the perspective of the industrial chain, the non-dairy creamer industry is in the upstream and downstream of the same industrial chain as milk tea, coffee, and baked goods. The development of non-dairy creamer is related and consistent with the development of various beverages and baking industries, and some industries have advantages. Relying on the R&D advantages and brand customers accumulated in non-dairy creamer products, Qite will gradually extend to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain with high-quality product quality and perfect quality control, which will help the synergy and common development of upstream and downstream businesses. Bringing new profit growth points for the enterprise, and improving the overall anti-risk ability.

Therefore, more and more non-dairy creamer manufacturers have begun to devote themselves to the development of long-term cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, not only serving a single country and region, but also serving non-dairy creamer raw material wholesalers and milk tea shop operators worldwide Service, to ensure that the non-dairy creamer products produced can be sold smoothly, and to enhance brand awareness. The greater the reputation, the better the sales, the better the sales, the greater the reputation, forming a virtuous circle, and gaining real recognition from consumers.