The development trend of non-dairy creamer industry (2)

1. The concentration of non-dairy creamer industry is further strengthened

As the non-dairy creamer industry has industry characteristics such as increasing product quality requirements, obvious economies of scale, and increasingly important technology research and development levels, it is also affected by factors such as raw material price fluctuations.

It is difficult for small companies to increase their scale of operations in a short period of time to reduce unit costs. At the same time, their ability to resist risks is also weak. Their production space in market competition will continue to be squeezed. Therefore, the future production capacity of the non-dairy creamer industry will be further concentrated the trend of.

2. Market demand tends to be diversified, and the demand for custom-developed products continues to increase

From the perspective of demand changes, with the increase of people’s income and the change of consumption awareness, the market will pay more attention to safety, nutrition and convenience in the choice of non-dairy creamer products. Non-dairy creamer products that meet the downstream consumer demand will continue to be introduced.

It can be seen that the continuous innovation and development of consumer demand in the downstream application field has promoted the development of the non-dairy creamer industry, and promoted the continuous improvement of the professionalization of the non-dairy creamer industry, and the diversification and differentiation of products have become more obvious.

In recent years, high value-added and personalized food and beverages have become the industry development trend. The demand for intelligent, diversified, and customized production continues to increase. The development of new functional products, improved product quality, and increased brand cultivation have become the consensus of the industry .