The difference between milk powder and milk powder

There are a lot of powder products on the market, and there is a lot of similarity between milk powder and milk powder. Consumers often don’t know which one to choose? There are often cases of wrong purchase and wrong purchase. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the two and make analysis and identification, so as to be able to buy the products you want without making mistakes in the production and life process.

The difference between cream and milk powder:
Milk powder is directly from the natural milk spray drying, as a natural agricultural and livestock products, there is a certain standard ratio, do not allow to add anything else (except seasoning milk powder and functional milk powder). “Creamer” is a general term for many products when they are used in coffee. Some creamers have fresh milk ingredients, while others have no fresh milk ingredients. More importantly, they refer to the artificially prepared vegetable fat powder, which is the “non granny essence” in industry.

When milk or milk powder is used in coffee, its purpose is to play: whitening, thickening, smoothing, and bitter and astringent effect, it is a kind of “cream”. But the use of the same kind of coffee at the end of the fat, although it is also a “cream”, but it can be customized, there is no certain standard ratio, mainly hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, casein based raw materials, supplemented by emulsifiers, stabilizers, flavors, pigments, the general purpose of coffee for the purpose of fat, its nutritional value is far lower than milk powder, but also There is fat powder for infant milk powder, without hydrogenation, rich in linolenic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids.

Core indicators of coffee cream:
1、 Whitening effect: it is related to the amount of casein, the size of fat globule and the technology of microcapsule.
2、 Solubility: it is related to particle size, particle diffusivity, emulsifying effect and the number of coke particles.
3、 Thickening: related to the amount of protein.
4、 neutralization: related to emulsifying effect, selection of raw materials and proportions, and essence.

Through the above information analysis, if you want to distinguish between milk powder and milk powder, as long as you compare the composition data and market price of the two, you can basically draw a conclusion and find out the products you want. I hope the above content is helpful for you.