The difference between milk powder and milk powder

As a matter of fact, anyone who knows about this kind of products will find that milk or milk powder were later used as coffee whitening agent, while “creamer” was born as a coffee whitening agent and was later found to be used for other purposes. In terms of their “whitening effect”, there is no obvious difference between them, but their compositions are quite different.

The protein content of milk is very high, about 3.4%; the fat content of whole milk is about 3.6%; the other main components are about 5% lactose and 0.7% minerals. The composition of dairy products produced by different breeds of cows in different places is different. There are two core indicators of coffee whitening agent cream: one is good whitening effect; the other is easy to disperse. The former mainly depends on the solid content and the size of fat particles, the smaller the particles are, the whiter they are; the latter is not only affected by the particle size, but also related to the adhesion between the particles.

Because protein is much more expensive than fat, the production of creamer will try to reduce the use of protein and increase the content of fat (usually vegetable oil). Generally speaking, the concentration of protein in the liquid cream before drying into a solid will not exceed 1%, while the concentration of oil is about 10%. In order to obtain the taste and taste similar to that of milk, about 10% corn syrup will be added.

If the protein content is not enough to emulsify the oil effectively, small emulsifiers are added. In addition to improving the emulsifying efficiency, reducing the particle size and increasing the whiteness, the small molecule emulsifier also helps the particles disperse well in water.

It is not difficult to see, as a coffee whitening agent and born of “creamer”, only to pursue morphological similarity and low cost. Because people drink coffee, add coffee partner is not to get the nutrients in milk, so in this sense, milk essence is a successful product. However, compared with milk powder, the “low protein and high fat” of milk essence makes it not in line with the “healthy diet” pursued by modern people. With its low cost, it has been used as milk powder in the name of “cream” since its inception. It has made so much profit – this is a kind of deception.

There is no direct relationship between cream and hydrogenated oil
The domestic fear of creamer is more from the worry about hydrogenated oil. In the production process of milk essence, the shape and taste of the finished product are better if the oil with high melting point is used. The fat in vegetable oil is mainly unsaturated fatty acid, so the melting point is low and liquid at room temperature. However, the melting point of vegetable oil can be increased by hydrogenation of some unsaturated bonds through catalytic reaction, thus increasing the stability of vegetable oil and its application in food processing.

Hydrogenated oil is just conducive to the production of creamer, so it was once widely used, and the name of “fat powder” came from it.
But later scientific research showed that hydrogenated oil contained more trans unsaturated fatty acids. These trans fatty acids are not good for human body, but harmful to health, so the use of hydrogenated oil has been opposed.

However, trans fatty acids are not very harmful. Eating 2 grams of trans fatty acids a day has no significant impact on human health, so a certain amount of trans fatty acids is allowed in food. If the cream is only used as a coffee whitening agent, the daily intake of human body is very difficult to exceed 2G; therefore, there are still many creamers on the market that are produced with hydrogenated oil.

If you drink milk powder or use it as raw material to make other food, you may eat too much trans fatty acid, which is not good for human body. After all, the only way to produce creamer like this is to keep the melting point of the oil high enough, not only relying on hydrogenated oil. In fact, even ordinary vegetable oil can be made into qualified products. Now the production of cream, may not use hydrogenated oil. So we just need to control the intake, do not need to worry too much!