The difference between cream and milk powder

The fat in vegetable oil is mainly unsaturated fatty acid, so the melting point is low and liquid at room temperature. However, the melting point of vegetable oil can be increased by hydrogenation of some unsaturated bonds through catalytic reaction, thus increasing the stability of vegetable oil and its application in food processing.

Hydrogenated oil is just conducive to the production of creamer, so it was once widely used, and the name of “fat powder” came from it. But later scientific research showed that hydrogenated oil contained more trans unsaturated fatty acids. These trans fatty acids are not good for human body, but harmful to health, so the use of hydrogenated oil has been opposed.

However, trans fatty acids are not very harmful. FDA, who and other agencies believe that eating 2 grams of trans fatty acids a day has no significant impact on human health, so it is allowed to have a certain amount of trans fatty acids in food. If the cream is only used as a coffee whitening agent, the daily intake of human body is very difficult to exceed 2G; therefore, there are still many creamers on the market that are produced with hydrogenated oil.

If you drink milk powder or use it as raw material to make other food, you may eat too much trans fatty acid, which is not good for human body. After all, the only way to produce creamer like this is to keep the melting point of the oil high enough, not only relying on hydrogenated oil.

In fact, even ordinary vegetable oil can be made into qualified products. Now the production of cream, may not use hydrogenated oil. What’s more, new hydrogenation technology can also provide hydrogenated oil with zero trans fat. The harm of vegetable cream
Since the advent of “plant cream” in 1910, it has been reduced year by year because of the improvement of technology. People use it to spread bread, French fries, chicken nuggets, cakes, cookies, biscuits and bread; it is added to ice cream and coffee partner to make cream candy, milk tea, milk shake and hot chocolate.