The essence of coffee companion

Many people like to add milk when they drink coffee. The color of coffee with milk will become lighter and the visual effect will be better. In terms of taste, coffee with milk is also more popular. At first, the container for milk was called “cream”. Later, people called the milk added to coffee “cream”.

But the liquid milk needs to be refrigerated, so it is not convenient to use. In the 1960s, Nestle developed something called “coffee companion” instead of milk as “cream”, which is translated into “cream” in Chinese. Because it’s powder, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so it’s very popular. Later, other companies also produced similar products, but “coffee companion” is a registered trademark of Nestle, which can not be used. It is usually directly called “non dairy cream” or more precisely, called “coffee whitener”.

Although coffee partner is called “non Dairy” products, it actually contains milk ingredients. The most important ingredient, casein, is the main protein in milk. When coffee companion was developed, casein was only a by-product of cheese production, and its price was low, and no one treated it as “milk product”.

In recent years, due to the high nutritional value of casein and the soaring price, manufacturers have been looking for cheaper protein to replace it. At present, similar products produced with soybean protein and wheat protein have entered the market and become the real “non granny essence”.

In the past, this product was only used as a coffee whitener instead of milk. Later, some people took it directly to drink, and others added it to cakes, cream and other foods as food raw materials. Because its shape and the product after flushing are very similar to milk powder and milk powder after flushing, it is also called “creamer” by Chinese people. In industry, it is called “fat powder”.