The fat powder that you love and hate!

The rapid development of chemical industry has both advantages and disadvantages. The hidden danger brought by the rapid development of chemical industry in China is spreading in a viral way – you may never know what you eat! The two bakeries sell almost the same variety and appearance of food, but the prices are quite different: a triangular cheese cake, one for 10 yuan, the other for 25 yuan, more than double the price. The slogan in the cake of that expensive shop reads: “insist on using natural cream, fresh eggs; extract from fresh milk”.

Why are the same products so different? If you don’t use milk or milk powder, what else would it be? The answer is vegetable fat powder, a chemical substitute for dairy products, which has quietly appeared in our daily food.

Application of fat powder
Although it can replace the taste of traditional dairy products, according to research, the harm of plant fat to plant fat has been reached. It is concluded that vegetable fat, which is mainly composed of hydrogenated vegetable oil, carbohydrate and casein, is supplemented with emulsifiers, stabilizers, flavors and pigments. Its price is often 5-10 times lower than that of milk powder or fresh milk products. Therefore, the food companies usually use the fat free products instead of fresh milk. Products to reduce production costs. ”

Vegetable fat powder, also known as milk essence, is made of refined vegetable oil or hydrogenated vegetable oil, casein, etc. It has good water solubility and foaming property. When used in coffee, it can improve the color of coffee, soften the taste of coffee, and improve its smoothness; when used in cake, it can make the taste more delicate and improve its elasticity; when used in biscuits, it can make it crisp; because it has more milk flavor than milk, and the price is also low, so milk tea is more commonly used.

Not only that, as an additive, hydrogenated vegetable oil can prolong the shelf life of cakes, but also because of these characteristics. At present, vegetable fat powder is widely used in milk tea, coffee, cake, bread and other products as a substitute for dairy products. A boss of a dairy enterprise once lamented that fresh milk was originally light and tasteless. However, due to the proliferation of various additives and substitutes, consumers mistakenly thought that the more fragrant the milk was, the better the milk was, but they didn’t know that it was all the flavor of additives such as vegetable fat powder.

Identification of fat powder:
In daily life, how can consumers tell whether dairy products contain vegetable fat powder? First of all, look at the label. If there are words such as “vegetable fat powder and hydrogenated vegetable oil” in the product package ingredient list, it’s better not to buy it; secondly, the color of animal cream products is milky white, slightly yellowing, and the product of vegetable fat powder is white; thirdly, smell, animal cream smells delicate, while vegetable cream has a more fragrant and stronger smell than vegetable fat powder product; finally, taste the taste 。 Animal cream has a low melting point, melts in the mouth, and has the smell of animal smell and fishy smell. Because of the trans fatty acids, the end product of vegetable fat tastes more fragrant and tastes stronger, and it is not easy to melt in the mouth.