The Gospel! The instant coffee without vegetable fat powder has been developed successfully

Hougu coffee announced today that the company has successfully developed a new type of health product, freeze-dried walnut protein powder, to replace the fat powder in three in one instant coffee, so that consumers can drink healthy instant coffee.

Many people like to drink coffee with milk. In order to reduce the cost and make instant coffee containing milk products (i.e. three in one coffee), as early as the middle of the last century, some countries began to use dairy products processed from vegetable oil to replace milk or milk fat, that is, vegetable fat powder, which is widely used today. Because vegetable oil must be hydrogenated before it can be made into dry products, it may cause the modification of vegetable oil, and the unsaturated fatty acid in vegetable oil will become saturated fatty acid. At the same time, some trans fatty acid may be associated with it. Both of them have adverse effects on human health, especially trans fatty acid will cause damage to cardiovascular health.

At present, advanced countries have issued the management standards for trans fatty acids. In 2003, Denmark took the lead in stipulating that any oil containing more than 0.3% trans fatty acids was banned. In 2008, New York City of the United States stipulated that all food and beverage industries completely ban foods containing trans fatty acids.

In 2010, China’s State Food and Drug Administration conducted a survey on trans fatty acids, and in 2013 released the report “dietary intake level and risk assessment of trans fatty acids in Chinese residents”. “Dietary guidelines for Chinese residents” clearly put forward “keep away from trans fatty acids and eat less hydrogenated processed foods”.

Since 2015, Hougu coffee and China Coffee Engineering Research Center have started research. Led by Wang Hanlong, an expert enjoying special allowance of the State Council and chief scientist of Hougu coffee, through nearly three years of research and development, it has broken through the technical problems in the production of freeze-dried coffee powder, and developed a freeze-dried walnut protein powder to replace vegetable fat powder, and named “walnut 007”, which can replace instant coffee It can also be used as raw material for other food.