the harm of fat powder

At present, there are many kinds of food sold on the market. Although they can bring delicious food to people, some ingredients added in them are harmful to people’s health. For example, some manufacturers will choose to add such ingredients as vegetable fat powder. What kind of material is vegetable fat powder? What are the specific hazards of vegetable fat powder.

The harm of fat powder
This is a kind of trans fatty acid, generally like some food processing, will add such substances, because after entering people’s body, the metabolism ability is very poor, so it is easy to increase the viscosity of people’s blood, so it is easy to lead to the formation of thrombosis, if often eaten, it will lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, for example, for men, it will reduce male hormone secretion, which will affect sperm activity, but also for the brain development of infants and young children, as well as neural development, will have a bad impact.

What is vegetable fat powder
Vegetable fat powder can also be called milk essence. It is a kind of hydrogenated vegetable oil. It is a kind of product with casein as the main raw material. It can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and easily lead to obesity. It is often used in ice cream, convenient food, cake and bread.

After understanding the harm of fat powder, we will find that this substance still has a great impact on people’s body. In fact, earlier, the state has issued relevant policies, the use of this substance has clear provisions, but there are also some manufacturers, in order to increase the taste of food, a large amount of fat powder, so consumers in the purchase, must pay attention to this substance, buy safe food. Of course, most manufacturers now produce zero trans fatty acid vegetable fat powder. Most of the products on the market are still very healthy. You can rest assured that you can buy food and drinks on the market without filtering too much.