The impact of non-dairy creamer industry on people’s lives

Non-dairy creamer, also known as creamer, is a new type of product with refined vegetable oil or hydrogenated vegetable oil, casein, etc. as the main raw materials. This product has a special role in food production and processing, and it is also a modern food. According to the different needs of users, non-dairy creamer can produce low-fat, medium-fat and high-fat products according to its standards during the production process.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil, the predecessor of non-dairy creamer, was put into food processing in 1869. Later, in 1910, “vegetable cream” came out, people used it to spread bread, French fries, fried chicken nuggets, make cakes, cookies and biscuits, bread; make non-dairy creamer and add it to ice cream and coffee mate to make butterscotch , Milk tea, milkshake and hot chocolate.

Basically, the current raw materials of non-dairy creamer are made of high-quality vegetable oils and casein, which are used in milk powder, coffee, oatmeal, seasonings and related products. The non-dairy creamer has good instant solubility, and the flavor is similar to “milk” through the flavor. It can replace milk powder or reduce the amount of milk used in food processing, thereby reducing production costs while maintaining stable product quality.

However, with the extensive use of “hydrogenated vegetable oil and vegetable butter”, researchers have found that although non-dairy creamer can improve the taste of food, it contains a lot of harmful substances. Therefore, although the emergence of the non-dairy creamer industry has enriched people’s food choices, improved people’s quality of life, and can replace milk products and reduce production costs, there are still certain hazards.

All in all, the impact of the non-dairy creamer industry on people’s lives has two sides. In daily production and life, everyone should still use non-dairy creamer in a certain dose to avoid health problems. If you want to work in the catering industry, you can purchase milk tea ingredients in bulk from Boduo International, which will surely make you satisfied!