The method and ratio of non-dairy creamer (creamer) into fresh milk!

As for fresh milk, making milk tea or other drinks is not targeted and plastic. Why? First of all, the cost of fresh milk is too high due to its high price, large demand for a single cup and short shelf life. Is there any alternative? Milk cover food editor tells you about the replacement of fresh milk, light milk and creamer.

Raw materials:
Water: 1000ml
Zhizhi powder (cream): 500g
Light milk: 410ml

1. Water on, off fire.
2. Add the creamer, slowly add it into the boiling water, and stir while pouring with the blender, so that the creamer is fully dissolved in the water.
3. Finally, add the milk and stir well.

Do not reverse the order of adding milk powder (creamer – light milk), remember to turn off the fire, or the flavor of creamer will be evaporated, which will affect the taste!