The seven deadly sins of healthy “killer” creamers. Does your drink contain creamer?

Do you know that the pearl milk tea, French fries, potato chips, egg yolk pie or strawberry pie, most biscuits, instant noodles, puffs, pancakes, pastry, sesame, cream cake, cream bread, ice cream, coffee companion or instant coffee and other foods that you eat every day, do you have great harm to your health? Or even have certain carcinogenic effect?

Because these foods contain milk essence, which can improve the internal organization of the food, increase fragrance and fat, taste delicate and thick, it is a good companion of coffee products and pearl milk tea. But how many people know that creamer is also the “killer” of human health. Let me count the seven sins of milk powder for you.

1、 Memory loss
Studies suggest that the trans fatty acids in creamers have a protective effect on a cholesterol that promotes memory, making people more likely to develop dementia in old age.

2、 Obesity
Trans fatty acids are not easily digested by the human body and easily accumulate in the abdomen, leading to obesity. People who like to eat chips and other snacks should be vigilant. The trans fatty acids in fried food will cause obvious fat accumulation.

3、 It is easy to cause coronary heart disease
According to a new study by the French National Institute of health and medicine, trans fatty acids can reduce cholesterol levels, which are effective in preventing heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.

4、 It is easy to form thrombus
Trans fatty acids can increase the viscosity and cohesion of human blood, which is easy to cause thrombosis, especially for the elderly with weak vascular wall.

5、 Affect growth and development
In pregnant or lactating women, excessive intake of foods containing trans fatty acids will affect the health of the fetus. Studies have found that fetuses or infants can passively ingest trans fatty acids through placenta or milk. They are more likely to suffer from essential fatty acid deficiency than adults, which affects their growth and development.

6、 Impact on male fertility
Trans fatty acids can reduce the secretion of male hormones, have a negative impact on sperm activity, interrupt the sperm reaction process in the body.

7、 Affect the normal development of teenagers
The absorption of essential fatty acids is affected by the growth and development of adolescents. Trans fatty acids also have adverse effects on the growth and development of the central nervous system.

Therefore, in the face of a large number of end products on the market, it is recommended that you choose the excellent products with low content of vegetable fat powder, or buy products with zero trans fatty acid. In this way, people’s daily intake is not much, which has little impact on human health, and will not cause corresponding negative impact.