The technical level and profit level of the non-dairy creamer industry

Technical level of non-dairy creamer industry

In recent years, with the maturity and development of the food safety industry, the production equipment and technology of the non-dairy creamer industry in my country have made great progress. Well-known enterprises in the industry have further improved the products of non-dairy creamer by introducing advanced professional production equipment. The stability of quality and the realization of automated production of non-dairy creamer products have promoted the steady improvement of the overall technical level of the industry.

Profit level of non-dairy creamer industry

With the changes in the consumption structure of the Chinese population in recent years, consumers’ food consumption has gradually shifted from food and clothing to leisure. The rapid rise of fast-selling products such as milk tea, coffee, and baked snacks has provided a huge opportunity for the development of the non-dairy creamer industry.

With the concentration of market share to advantageous enterprises, the scale of enterprises and the continuous improvement of automated production capacity have effectively reduced production costs. These industry development trends will effectively maintain a certain level of overall profitability in the industry.

The main raw materials of non-dairy creamer include glucose syrup, edible vegetable oil, milk powder, etc., which are mainly derived from grains, oils and other commodities. Since the prices of bulk commodities are mainly affected by the planting area, climatic conditions, market supply and demand and other factors that year, the adjustment of the sales price of non-dairy creamer products usually lags behind the changes in the prices of raw materials.

On the other hand, with the improvement of people’s consumption level, Chinese-style, high-end brands and high-quality food raw materials for food safety and quality have gradually gained consumers’ favor.

In addition, as my country’s food safety supervision becomes more and more stringent, the profit level of smaller companies with poor product quality in the non-dairy creamer industry will gradually decline, and the industry leading with quality, R&D, brand, channel, and management advantages The sales scale and profit level of the enterprise will be effectively improved.

In addition, the per capita income of Chinese residents is in a stage of continuous growth, which will drive the improvement of consumption capacity. The growth of per capita income not only promotes the improvement of residents’ consumption level, but also promotes the transformation of my country’s consumption structure. The consumption demand for food raw materials such as non-dairy creamer will also continue to grow, which will positively promote the improvement of the profit level of the non-dairy creamer industry effect.