Does instant coffee contain trans fatty acids

As for the issue of trans fatty acids in instant coffee, many fans commented in some previous articles, and many of them emphasized with Xiaobian that the package of instant coffee you drink is written with zero trans fatty acid, saying that the instant coffee you drink is much more expensive, so I will discuss this issue with you in detail today.

First of all, trans fatty acids are generally found in some synthetic additives. There are a lot of harm to human body, easy to cause some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, because after intake more blood viscosity will increase, it is easy to form thrombosis. In addition, it will affect the secretion of some hormones, such as male friends will make your tadpoles inactive! Female friends have a greater impact on the fetus during pregnancy. They will enter the fetus with the mother, and the child is at risk of growth and deterioration. For the old man, the old woman can increase the probability of Alzheimer’s disease. And because it’s not easy to digest, easy to form fat accumulation, you will become more round! Fatter! Wait for a bunch of problems, which are relatively serious in the field of food additives, or the state will not issue various strict index requirements.

Besides, the so-called trans fatty acid content of instant coffee is zero. This “zero” does not mean no! The national standard is 3.1% of the content can be regarded as zero. Is there any in instant coffee? This depends on another thing! That is the coffee partner, the main ingredient is the fat powder, commonly said is the cream! The vegetable fat powder generally contains trans fatty acids!

The fat in vegetable fat powder is mainly hydrogenated vegetable oil, and refined vegetable oil. In the process of hydrogenation, vegetable oil will produce trans fatty acids! So those that emphasize the absence of trans fatty acids on their packaging are bound to say they contain plant fat powder. The plant fat powder this thing actually makes the milk tea should be very familiar. Xiaobian opened a milk tea shop when he was at school, and the amount of cream was very large. You can buy a bag of milk powder for 20 yuan.

This marketing routine of instant coffee merchants emphasizes that trans fatty acids are zero on the package, which is like saying that there is no silver in this place. If there is no silver, there is no need. Why do you want to emphasize it? I often use the analogy of eating a piece of wine chocolate and driving. After being caught by the traffic police uncle, I insist that I have not drunk. The truth is similar.