Coffee is better than milk

If you don’t add coffee partner when you drink coffee, what should you add? The best way is to add hot whole milk directly.

A well-known slogan of Coffee Advertising: “every drop of mellow, but not enough” proves that coffee is capturing the hearts of urban people with its irresistible charm and cohesion.

The taste of coffee itself is bitter and astringent. Only with the accompaniment of coffee partner, the taste of coffee will be more smooth and rich, and there will be a feeling of “drop by drop, but the meaning is not enough”. Coffee and coffee partner can be described as “two lovers”.

What is a coffee companion? Coffee mate, also known as vegetable fat, is commonly known as “milk essence”. It is made from hydrogenated vegetable oil, glucose syrup, casein, plus food additives such as stabilizers, emulsifiers and anticoagulants. The fat powder has good water solubility and stability, and is dissolved in water together with coffee to form a uniform milk liquid. It can increase the aroma and fat of coffee, make the coffee taste delicate, smooth, thick and full of milk flavor. Therefore, coffee and coffee partner are the “best partners”“

The hydrogenated vegetable oil in “vegetable fat powder” is not a natural vegetable oil, but the natural unsaturated fatty acid in vegetable oil is converted into saturated fatty acid through hydrogenation through artificial catalysis. In the process of hydrogenation saturation, the original natural cis fatty acid in vegetable oil will become unnatural “trans fatty acid”. There are confirmed scientific studies show that, in addition to the same as saturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids can increase the risk of hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease and diabetes, it can also increase the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Due to the many adverse effects of trans fatty acids on health, many countries in Europe and the United States have legislated to limit the content of trans fatty acids in food. The mandatory requirement to label foods with trans fatty acids is to remind consumers to stay away from trans fatty acids.

So, how many trans fatty acids does a cup of three in one coffee or “1 + 2” coffee have? Let’s calculate: in a bag of instant coffee (18 g), about 1 / 3 (6 g) of “vegetable fat powder”, 1 / 2 (about 3 G) of “hydrogenated vegetable oil” in vegetable fat powder, and 1 / 3 (about 1 g) of “trans fatty acid” in hydrogenated vegetable oil. If you convert it into energy, it’s about 9 kcal, which is equivalent to 4-5 grams of streaky pork. Coffee drinkers may think that as long as we drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day, the intake of trans fatty acids is very limited, so it should not pose a threat to health? But vegetable fat powder is the “public lover” of many foods. If you eat biscuits, bread, fast-food noodles, potato chips and other foods rich in trans fatty acids, the intake of trans fatty acids will be greatly increased, which will certainly cause damage to health. Therefore, these coffee or food partners are certainly not healthy partners

So when you drink coffee, if you don’t add coffee partner, what should you add? The best way is to add hot whole milk directly. Dyslipidemia or obese friends can also add skimmed or half fat milk. Milk coffee has the same taste and can be far away from trans fatty acids, so it has higher nutritional value.