Unfavorable factors affecting the development environment of the non-dairy creamer industry

1. Insufficient technological innovation ability

In recent years, the overall technical level of the domestic non-dairy creamer industry has made great progress, but the research on high value-added, high-tech functional non-dairy creamer and other aspects still needs to be in-depth.

Some domestic enterprises invest less in research and development, and the industry’s technological innovation capabilities are relatively insufficient, which has affected the technological progress of the industry to a certain extent.

2. The adverse effects of funding bottlenecks

Affected by factors such as the continuous growth of my country’s market demand and the effective promotion of industry policies in the future, companies with strong comprehensive strength in my country’s creamer industry have obtained good development opportunities.

However, due to the relatively simple financing channels, such enterprises often have a bottleneck stage of insufficient funds, and cannot adequately cope with the impact of changes in operating costs and the scale of customer demand. At the same time, insufficient funds limit the R&D investment of enterprises, thus restricting the medium and long-term development of enterprises in the industry.