What is vegetable fat powder? That’s the answer you want

When we usually make a kind of food, we may use a lot of materials, some of which are relatively common, of course, there are some materials that are relatively rare. For example, many people don’t know much about the vegetable fat powder. Next, I will introduce what the vegetable fat powder is? What are the performance characteristics of vegetable fat powder?

1、 What is vegetable fat powder

Vegetable fat powder is not a natural agricultural product, but a kind of artificial food. Although different brands of fats have similar formulations, there are still some differences. There may be oils, proteins and carbohydrates in them, which are made into powder by water emulsification and spray drying. The name of fat graft is transmitted from Taiwan.

2、 Performance characteristics of vegetable fat powder

1. The fat content of vegetable fat powder can be adjusted at will, generally ranging from 5% to 6%. In addition, the oil varieties can be selected according to different needs.

2. Vegetable fat powder has certain emulsifying, water-soluble and foaming properties, so it can meet the needs of many different food fields. It is generally used in food processing.

3. The flavor of vegetable fat powder is unique and diverse, so it is possible to eat vegetable fat powder in the process of color matching, flavoring or seasoning. In addition, vegetable fat powder can strengthen vitamins and some trace elements to a certain extent.

4. Vegetable fat powder can be used to replace some expensive milk fat, some milk protein and cocoa fat. It will be used in cereal and milk powder. Coffee and some seasonings are used to adjust the taste of food, but there are certain regulations on the amount of fat powder added. If a large amount of plant fat powder is added into it, it is likely to produce some harmful substances to the human body.

5. Vegetable fat powder can change the internal organization of food to a certain extent. It can make the food more fragrant and taste more delicate. When making biscuits, it can also improve the crispness, and it is not easy to get oil.

6. In some foods, we will replace milk powder with vegetable fat powder, or reduce the amount of milk, so that the product quality can be guaranteed and stable, and the production cost can be effectively reduced, so as to reduce the sales price.

7. There are some differences between vegetable fat powder and milk powder. Milk powder is made by mixing fresh milk in a certain proportion. However, most of the vegetable fat powder is a kind of artificial planting fat powder, and some other ingredients may be added in it.

What is vegetable fat powder? The effect of vegetable fat powder is still very big, and it may be used in the production of many foods. It can play a certain role in adjusting the taste and taste. In addition, the taste of vegetable fat powder is similar to that of milk powder. Therefore, the cost of food can be reduced to a certain extent after adding vegetable fat powder.