Vegetable fat powder

Vegetable fat powder is hydrogenated vegetable oil, scientific name is trans fatty acid glyceride. Commonly known as: margarine, coffee companion, vegetable fat, vegetable fat powder, vegetable fat cream, margarine, etc.. In food processing, it is widely used to replace natural cream to produce various fancy cakes, coffee companion and coffee confidant, ice cream and ice cream, It is also widely used to replace cocoa butter to produce chocolate; it is also widely used to replace all kinds of high-grade vegetable oil and animal fat in baking bread and cake, and also used as oil for fried food.

As we all know, the DNA of natural organisms in nature — animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc., all belong to the right-handed structure, and the organisms with the right-handed structure can generate and overcome each other and use each other. For example, animals can digest all kinds of natural food, plants can use natural materials, and bacteria can make natural materials corrupt.

However, the chemical structure of trans fatty acid glycerides contains a left-handed structure. Natural organisms belong to the right-handed structure, which can not be separated and used to participate in the oxidation and reduction cycle of organisms and release energy, Turn it into carbon dioxide and water. It’s stored in your body. What’s particularly dangerous is that it gets together with cholesterol in the blood, forming clots and blocking your blood vessels. High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and other heart and blood vessel diseases follow.

The cost of trans fat is close to that of low-grade vegetable oil. Because of its physical properties, delicious taste and fragrance, it can not only replace cocoa butter, natural cream and other high-grade oils, but also is not easy to deteriorate and rancid. The shelf life of the food is greatly extended, which makes the merchants obtain great profits, It is not easy to rancidity. It is widely used in fried soybean chips, chicken legs, baking bread, cake, dehydration and drying of instant noodles.