Good news, coco can be Caramel Milk Tea. Do you have vegetable powder

Coco can be Caramel Milk Tea has fat powder? Now the industry widely used in the original leaf brewing, in fact, there are certain security risks, such as the cleaning and disinfection of tea barrels and parts, the breeding of microorganisms after a long storage time of tea soup, etc., but big brands have strict cleaning management standards. In terms of store operation, tea powder or instant tea is the choice combined with operation and management needs.

As for the feared additives, in fact, the additives of jam are summarized as preservatives (inhibition of microbial growth), flavor (fruit heat treatment, flavor loss, flavor increase flavor), pigments (to make drinks better), thickeners (deformed starch, xanthan gum, pectin). There is no evidence that these state approved additives, if consumed in moderation, can harm health.

“The second is the rumored coconut with hydrogen peroxide bubble, which should appear in the informal small shops in towns and villages. Some small shops try to use the coconuts produced by small factories cheaply. Due to the limited equipment of small factories, the filtration of coconut milk is not good, and the produced coconuts have a lot of impurities, so they will be washed with hydrogen peroxide, which will not appear in regular chain stores.” Wu Jianshen said.

Dr. Wang Chao is a teacher of food toxicology at Jinan University. Her routine is to study chemicals that may exist or mix in food, such as food colorants, flavors, synthetic sweeteners, and other substances that may be mixed. In her view, to look at food objectively, additives are not necessarily bad, and some natural foods are not necessarily healthy without industrial treatment.