What are the characteristics and differences of various brands of non-dairy creamer (creamer)?

There are too many vegetable fat powder products on the market now, and they are increasing every day! International brands that are popular in the market usually have ISO / HACCP certification

Nestle: it may be the world’s largest production and sales volume
Netherlands Kiwi: the most professional cream, with a total sales volume of 250000 tons
Kerry: it’s also an international brand

However, most of those who sell vegetable fat powder Only some domestic brands have ISO certification, and almost none have HACCP certification:Jiahe, Wenhui, Bangling, Yayuan, Guangyi, Weibao, Dashu, HONGSUN There are too many examples like this! Because there are too many brands and fierce price competition, manufacturers must constantly introduce different models to meet the market, so it is difficult to tell the characteristics of them. Almost all of them can make similar products (even the equipment is similar).

After the consumers have conducted the corresponding investigation in the market, they will find that the Dutch Kiwi cream, which has been in the market for more than ten years, is more popular. Everyone says it is good, and all the counterfeit products imitate it. Even if it is expensive, consumers are also very happy with it.

On the characteristics of the Dutch Kiwi cream:
1. Quality standard: the highest, with ISO9001 / 22000, HACCP, halal / Jewish certification (most of them have no one)
2. natural environmental protection: no chemical flavors / pigments and other additives (almost all added flavor) are added.
3. flavor: the best balance is collocation with tea.
4. Safety and health: Zero trans fat (almost all)
5. Protein 4%, rich in calcium (generally only 2%)

To sum up, the Netherlands Kiwi cream is a unique excellent vegetable fat powder product on the market, which is a very good raw material for beverage production. For people who want to try to open their own shops or have fun at home to learn how to make milk tea, it is really necessary to choose the appropriate vegetable fat powder products. We can seriously consider it!