What are the product characteristics of non-dairy creamer?

The market has a high degree of recognition for non-dairy creamer products. Because non-dairy creamer is a new product with refined vegetable oil or hydrogenated vegetable oil, casein as the main raw material, the main ingredients include milk protein, lactose, vegetable oil and maltodextrin, which are generally used as additives.

Therefore, according to the needs of the market, the non-dairy creamer will be made into different specifications and sold in physical stores and online stores. Different types of non-dairy creamers have different product characteristics, and their actual uses are also different. So, what are the product characteristics of non-dairy creamer? What are the uses of non-dairy creamer? You can get some understanding below.

Non-dairy creamers are generally made of high-quality vegetable oils and casein. They are used in milk powder, coffee, oatmeal, seasonings and related products to enhance the taste of food and drinks and ensure an improved dining experience for customers. The common use of non-dairy creamer is as a good companion for coffee products. It is often used instead of milk to smooth the taste and enhance the flavor.

What are the product characteristics of non-dairy creamer? Non-dairy creamer has good water solubility, emulsification and foaming properties. The flavor is similar to “milk” through the flavor and flavor. Under the premise of maintaining stable product quality, it can reduce production costs and make milk tea drinks with excellent flavor.

In summary, non-dairy creamer is a very good raw material for milk tea and is often used instead of milk. Customers who are interested in buying non-dairy creamer raw materials, welcome to leave a message on this site, Boduo International will provide you with quality service!