what does fat powder do?

Vegetable fat powder is referred to as vegetable fat powder, trans fatty acid and hydrogenated vegetable oil. Because its structure is similar to milk powder, it is also called plant milk essence. It has good hydrophilicity, emulsification, stability, instant solubility, ductility and special nutrition.

Guidance: recent studies have shown that hydrogenation of vegetable oil is actually the process of transforming unsaturated fatty acid of vegetable oil into saturated or semi saturated state. Trans fatty acid will be produced in this process, which can increase the low-density lipoprotein in human blood, reduce the high-density lipoprotein, induce vascular sclerosis, and increase the risk of heart disease and cerebrovascular accident.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil does not exist in nature, which means that the human body can not absorb and digest the oil under natural conditions. After eating, it will damage the liver, destroy the cell membrane of human body, cause cell defects, and affect the future replication and regeneration of cells. The harm to human body is obvious. Therefore, for the food containing vegetable fat powder, we should eat less as far as possible, in order to avoid the harm of vegetable fat powder to human body.

Recently, when revising the composition of food pyramid in some countries, it has been clearly pointed out that attention should be paid to trans fatty acids, and manufacturers are required to indicate the content of trans fatty acids in products. Therefore, it is not completely harmless and should not be eaten more.

Due to the trans fatty acid composition in the plant fat powder, the recent research and development focus on the production of healthy fat powder with zero trans fatty acid. We don’t need to worry too much, we can control the intake, and we will not have too much impact on our life.