What happens to people who drink instant coffee for a long time? These big results are waiting for you

The first thing I think about is coffee, a drink that can help people recover from drowsiness. After all, it’s a must drink for office workers. A cup of black coffee can refresh you in the morning. You can stay up late and work overtime all morning. A cup of coffee can last until the end of the night. It is such a cup of coffee that links the life of office workers.

Coffee, tea and cocoa are known as the three major drinks in the world. Especially coffee and tea are very hot. The instant coffee that you are in contact with most at ordinary times must be the most easy to buy, which is convenient, fast and economical. However, with the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people begin to like hand-made coffee, freshly baked coffee, and coffee ground from fine coffee beans. Because of the appearance of these coffees, people pay more and more attention to the taste and health of instant coffee. Is it healthy?

After Maxwell and Nestle entered the Chinese market in 1980, instant coffee began to penetrate into people’s lives. How did instant coffee come from? The instant coffee powder is mainly obtained by pretreatment, baking, grinding, extraction and concentration & amp; drying, which simplifies the complicated coffee brewing process. Because the process was simple, it started the first wave of coffee.

After understanding the making process of instant coffee, let’s continue to study the difference between instant coffee and normal coffee. First of all, we can distinguish it from the types of coffee beans, arabica and robusta. Instant coffee is the latter because of its strong insect resistance and high caffeine content. The general flavor of this kind of bean is not so good. So the essence of instant coffee you smell is the essence that manufacturers add later. The second bitterness is also destroyed by this process, so the natural bitterness and fragrance are lost. If we talk about black coffee, in fact, it’s reasonable. I believe everyone will see three in one coffee on the shelves of supermarkets. This kind of coffee should be paid attention to.

Because it contains “fat powder”. What is vegetable fat powder? It will become trans fatty acids, trans fatty acids have a certain impact on human health, drink too much, inhibit development, induce cardiovascular disease, cause fat accumulation and obesity, induce cancer, so we need to control the corresponding intake.

Of course, don’t be afraid. If you don’t have time to drink fresh coffee and make coffee, there are also those kinds of fine instant coffee on the market. Neither high temperature extraction nor Arabica bean was used. So it can guarantee the original fragrance. Caffeine is not that high. They can also be secondary processing, adding milk, etc. into milk coffee. As long as the harm of fat powder is not excessive, it will not cause great impact, so we need not worry too much.