What is cream?

What is cream? Milk essence has never been a natural agricultural product, and nature has no relationship with “milk”. It is actually a kind of artificial concoction, so the formula of each product is similar, but there are no two exactly the same.

In fact, the cream contains oil, sugar, protein and other ingredients. It is an additive made from the corresponding raw materials through water emulsification and spray drying into powder. The essence of the drink is a nutrient that makes it better to drink.

What is cream? Milk creamers sold on the international market are often divided into two categories: non dairy (plant type) and milk containing (including mixed). The following is a rough classification of creamers, hoping to help you.

Classification of creamers

Containing milk liquid: milk, condensed milk, light milk, seasoned condensed milk

Containing milk powder: milk powder, cream powder, vegetable oil cream mixed powder

Non milk liquid: plant milk, cream ball, glass bottle liquid cream

Non dairy powder: fat powder, coffee companion

Milk containing milk is mostly made from natural milk without additives and flavors. Non dairy creamer is prepared by hand, which is made of vegetable oil as fat raw material and added with sugar, casein, emulsifier and stabilizer.

The processing technology of the cream is relatively high. As the vegetable oil is too low, it is easy to be rancidity, and it is difficult to process. It must be partially hydrogenated. The vegetable oil tastes very clear. Most of the flavors are seasoned. Non dairy creamers use partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, not 100% hydrogenated. It requires different technology, ratio, composition and use, which can only be called fat powder and fat powder.

To sum up, what is cream? Creamers are divided into two categories: non dairy and milk containing. You can choose the right cream products according to your own situation. Of course, as an experienced wholesaler of milk tea raw materials, they often choose a reliable manufacturer of milk tea raw materials. Boduo international is an example. Boduo international, welcome to consult and purchase!