What is the ratio of non-dairy creamer to milk tea? Or what is the ratio of water to non-dairy creamer?

Many people like to drink milk tea, but also want to drink a cup of healthy milk tea, so make your own milk tea, control the dosage, then you can drink milk tea at ease. In general, the ratio of vegetable fat powder to milk tea is about 1:100, and the ratio of water to vegetable powder is about 9:10. You can adjust according to your favorite taste.

Preparation of materials
Main ingredients: 40 g fat powder, 10 ml fructose, 25 g pearl powder, 200 ml black tea
Accessories: 6 grams of foam black tea, 25 grams of pink pearl, 200 ml of boiling water, 5 ml of fructose, 2500 ml of water.

Operation steps
1. Prepare black tea and boiling water (the water must be just boiled), pour the boiling water into the cup containing the black tea, simmer for 2 minutes, and set aside.
2. Boil the pearls. Pour the water into the pot and boil until it boils. The ratio of water to flour is 8:1 (if the utensils are large, increase the amount of water to make the pearls float).
3. After the water boils, pour the pearls into the pot in a slow way, stir evenly, and cook at low heat for 25 minutes. During this period, stir about 5-6 times. Prevent sticking to the pan.
4. Time to stew for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, pour the Pearl into the screen, rinse with cold water, drain the water, add fructose, stir evenly, soak for about 13 minutes, taste the best, put aside for standby.
5. Filter the black tea.
6. According to the order of cream, fructose, black tea water, into the Sherk pot, shake it evenly.
7. Pour it into the cup, add the Pearl, pour in 300C hot water, stir evenly, and the pearl milk tea is ready.