What is the content of trans fatty acids in cream?

As milk tea lovers gradually deepen their understanding of milk tea drinks, people pay attention to the health of many milk tea raw materials in the production of milk tea. For example, is milk tea made with cream healthy? What is the content of trans fatty acids in cream? It has become a hot topic among milk tea lovers, and more and more news media have carried out relevant reports.

As a milk tea raw material manufacturer with business all over the world, Boduo international admits that milk essence produced on the market at present basically contains fat powder, and the fat powder contains trans fatty acid, which can induce asthma, type 2 diabetes, allergic disease and cardiovascular disease. It also has adverse effects on fetus and adolescents, and may cause cancer.

Although creamer contains creamer, which contains trans fatty acids, we should have a clear understanding of creamer and trans fatty acids. Creamer is not equal to trans fatty acids. In fact, milk essence is a kind of substance instead of milk. Its main component is vegetable fat powder.

Vegetable fat powder, also known as creamer and powdered fat, was first used in coffee companion. It is a kind of cream powder instead of milk added when making coffee. Its main components are vegetable fat, corn syrup and vegetable protein. Not only is cream not equal to trans fatty acid, but also to fat powder. Therefore, what is the content of trans fatty acids in cream? The content of trans fatty acids in different creamer products is not certain.

What is the content of trans fatty acids in cream? Nowadays, more and more fat powder manufacturers are developing new technologies to produce zero trans fatty acid vegetable powder raw materials. Boduo international is an example. The raw material of vegetable fat powder produced by Boduo international has almost zero trans fatty acids, good quality and low price, so it is the first choice for the raw material wholesalers of vegetable fat powder. At present, Boduo International’s Boduo milk tea raw materials are carrying out promotional activities, welcome to consult and cooperate!