What is the best non-dairy creamer brand?

Non-dairy creamer is often used to replace dairy products, not only to increase the aroma of coffee, but also to increase the rich aroma of baked goods, butter cakes, ice cream, peanut butter, milk tea, egg tarts and other foods. Non-dairy creamer not only has a flavoring effect, but also has a low production cost, which is very popular among coffee lovers. So, what is the highly recognized non-dairy creamer on the market? What is the best non-dairy creamer brand? You can learn more about it below.

Non-dairy creamer is a kind of hydrogenated vegetable oil, commonly known as creamer, which can improve the taste of coffee, so it is also called coffee mate. The so-called hydrogenated vegetable oil refers to the conversion of unsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oils into saturated or semi-saturated fatty acids through catalytic (hydrogenation) reactions.

Why should vegetable oil be hydrogenated? The fatty acids in vegetable oils are mainly unsaturated fatty acids with low melting point and are liquid at room temperature with poor stability. After hydrogenation, the unsaturated bonds are saturated by hydrogenation, which increases the melting point of vegetable oils. It increases the stability of oil and is widely used in food processing. Everyone usually eats a certain brand of oil, 1:1:1 means polyunsaturated, the ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fatty acid is like this.

When making non-dairy creamer, it is better to use saturated fatty acids, so hydrogen is added. The cis and trans can be controlled by the process during hydrogenation. At the same time, on the nutrition label, when it is generally less than 0.3%, it can be expressed as zero. Therefore, consumers will carefully check the label when choosing a product.

It can be seen that what kind of non-dairy creamer is highly recognized in the market? There are not many recognized non-dairy creamer brands on the market. Boduo International is an example. As a reliable supplier of milk tea raw materials, Boduo International’s non-dairy creamer raw materials supplied by its BODUO brand are often of guaranteed quality. It adopts advanced technology and top-secret formula, mass-produced non-trans fatty acid non-trans fatty acid creamer products, high quality and low price. The recognition is very high.

What is the best non-dairy creamer brand? Boduo International deserves it. Compared with other non-dairy creamer brands, Boduo International’s brand raw materials can not only increase the crispy taste of food, facilitate long-term storage of food, and reduce costs. It is also a food with zero trans fatty acids and has no negative impact on human health. Anyone who is interested in wholesale of non-dairy creamer raw materials, welcome to leave a message!