What is the trans fatty acid content of the non-dairy creamer used to brew coffee?

Vegetable fat powder, in fact, is a mixture of hydrogenated vegetable oil and some food additives. Its fat content is 20% – 75%, and its calories are higher than starch. Although it is white and fragrant, it has nothing to do with milk, and its nutritional value is even worse. It not only can not supplement calcium, can not increase nutrition, but will provide sugar and fat.

“Hydrogenated vegetable oil” can even bring “trans fatty acids” which are the most harmful to cardiovascular system, which is not healthy than animal fat. Fat powder contains trans fatty acids. Excessive intake of trans fatty acids is harmful to human health, which can cause cardiovascular diseases, increase bad cholesterol, reduce the content of benign cholesterol, interfere with the metabolism of essential fatty acids, and may cause some cancer.

In other words, the trans fatty acids contained in the plant fat powder have a certain impact on human health. Therefore, we should pay attention to diet, follow the scientific diet combination, control the intake of trans fatty acids, and have a light diet. Basically, they will not be affected by these substances, resulting in negative effects on health.

Now many vegetable fat powder manufacturers have found this problem, actively improve the production technology, improve the production process, ensure the production of zero trans fatty acid vegetable fat powder products, so that everyone’s dining experience is better, eating more safe and healthy, enjoy a better future of catering!