What is the definition of vegetable powder

The “fat cream”, also known as “milk essence”, is a new product made of refined vegetable oil, maltose syrup, glucose syrup and maltodextrin as the main raw material, and casein and other excipients are mixed, emulsified, sterilized, homogenized and spray dried.

1. The application of vegetable fat powder in coffee and other drinks can increase the flavor and fat of food, and the taste is delicate and smooth.
2. Fat powder used in cakes, biscuits and other food, can make food organization delicate and improve elasticity.

safety standards
The definition, raw materials, sense organs, test methods, inspection rules, marks, packaging, transportation and storage of vegetable fat powder are specified in the standard “Zhizhi powder”.

correct understanding of vegetable fat powder
1. Hydrogenated vegetable oil is usually used as raw material for vegetable fat powder. The commonly used hydrogenated vegetable oils include extremely hydrogenated coconut oil, extremely hydrogenated palm kernel oil, selective hydrogenated palm oil and selective hydrogenated soybean oil. Extremely hydrogenated oil contains almost no trans fatty acids, while selective hydrogenated oils contain a certain amount of trans fatty acids. Studies have shown that intake of a certain amount of trans fatty acids will have an impact on human health.

2. Hydrogenated oil was selected to produce vegetable fat powder in order to improve the melting point of oil, increase its stability and extend the shelf life. Under the premise of complying with the national standard, the production and application of grease powder will not cause harm to human body.