What is vegetable fat powder?

Coffee, as a new drink introduced from the west, has been recognized and loved by the vast majority of young people and some middle-aged and elderly people. Coffee contains unique caffeine, which can stimulate the body’s nervous system and excite the body. Therefore, many office workers use coffee to refresh themselves. In addition, we have noticed that many coffee packages are filled with plant fat powder, so what is vegetable fat powder? We will introduce it in detail below:

After artificial catalytic hydrogenation, most of the natural unsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oil become full fatty acids, and the unsaturated fatty acids contained in them can also lose the natural CIS structure and produce unnatural “trans fatty acids”
The nutritional community is convinced that trans fatty acids are more dangerous than saturated fatty acids, because saturated fatty acids only increase blood lipids, but do not reduce the beneficial high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Some recent studies have shown that trans fatty acids may increase the incidence rate of breast cancer and diabetes, and may affect children’s growth and development and nervous system health.
If you ask your coffee partner what it is, most people may say that it is milk that makes the coffee white and strong. In fact, if you take a careful look at the instructions on the coffee partner, there are three small words on the front of the coffee partner: “fat powder”.

What is it? It says on the ingredients: the first ingredient is “glucose syrup”, which is a mixture of starch hydrolyzed to produce a slightly sweet and thickened solution. The second component is “hydrogenated vegetable oil”, which is a semi-solid oil formed by artificial catalytic hydrogenation of soybean oil or rapeseed oil. The third component is sodium caseinate, followed by three types of food additives: stabilizer, emulsifier and anti caking agent.

So when drinking coffee without coffee partner, what to do? The best way is to directly add hot whole milk. Milk coffee not only has the same taste, but also has higher nutritional value.

Speaking of this, I believe that you are smart enough to know how to make coffee, the role of coffee, and what is the fat powder, the role of vegetable fat powder. Here we would also like to remind you that although coffee has a refreshing effect, it can not be consumed for a long time, because studies have shown that long-term consumption of coffee can cause neurasthenia. So although coffee is good, don’t be greedy.