What is vegetable fat powder

As a new type of health drink introduced from western countries, freshly ground coffee has long been loved by most young people and some middle-aged and old people. Fresh coffee with a distinctive caffeine, this kind of substance can stimulate the body’s central nervous system, causing excitement. Therefore, many wage earners use instant coffee to relieve fatigue. In addition, we have noticed that many freshly ground coffee packages are filled with plant fat powder, so what is called plant fat powder:

What is vegetable fat powder
After the artificial service catalytic reaction hydrocracking, most of the natural non roundness oleic acid in edible oil is changed into round oleic acid, and the non round oleic acid contained in the process can also lose the pure natural CIS structure, resulting in the unnatural “trans fat”.

The nutrition academia believes that trans fat is more risky than saturated fat, because saturated fat only increases blood lipids, but does not reduce the beneficial density of high protein cholesterol. Some new scientific studies have shown that trans fat may also increase the prevalence of breast cancer and diabetes, and may affect the development of children and the physical and mental health of central nervous system.

If asked what coffee partner is, most people may say: it is the milk that makes the skin of freshly ground coffee white and thick. In fact, if you look carefully at the coffee partner’s indication, on the opposite side of the coffee partner, there are three big words: “fat powder”. What is it? The seasoning says: the first ingredient is “glucose syrup”, which is a compound that has a slight sweetness after starch hydrolysis and can thicken the aqueous solution. The second component is “hydrogenated vegetable oil”, which is a kind of semi-solid vegetable oil produced from soybean oil or edible oil through artificial service catalytic reaction and hydrocracking. The third ingredient is sodium caseinate, followed by three types of food preservatives: thickener, demulsifier and anticoagulant.

So what if you don’t have a coffee partner when you drink a lot of coffee? The best way is to add hot skimmed milk immediately. Milk coffee not only tastes the same strong and mellow, but also contains more nutrients.Speaking of this, I firmly believe that you are intelligent and have already mastered how to make instant coffee, the effect of coffee, and what is called fat powder and the efficacy of vegetable fat powder.

Here we also want to remind you that although freshly ground coffee has the effect of relieving fatigue, it can’t be eaten for a long time, because some studies have shown that long-term consumption of freshly ground coffee will lead to neurasthenia. So it’s good to grind coffee now, but you don’t have to get drunk.