What is vegetable fat powder? How serious is the harm of fat powder?

Vegetable fat powder, also known as milk essence, is mainly made from “hydrogenated vegetable oil Du”. Zhi is the main component of instant coffee. Dao is mainly used to replace dairy products, which can greatly improve the taste of instant coffee and reduce the production cost.

“Trans fatty acids” will be produced during the production of “hydrogenated vegetable oil”, the main raw material of vegetable fat powder, which is harmful to human body. It can increase LDL and decrease HDL in human blood, induce vascular sclerosis and increase the risk of heart disease and cerebrovascular accident.

The Harvard Medical School found that the intake of trans fatty acids greatly increased the risk of heart disease. Moreover, it would interfere with the metabolism of essential fatty acids, affect the growth and development of children and the health of nervous system, increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, and lead to infertility and breast cancer in women.

In fact, “hydrogenated vegetable oil” does not exist in nature, that is to say, the human body is unable to absorb and digest this oil under natural conditions. After eating, it will damage the liver, destroy the cell membrane of human body, cause cell defects, and affect the future replication and regeneration of cells. The harm to human body is obvious.

The characteristics of Zhizhi powder are as follows
High quality vegetable oil and casein are used in milk powder, coffee, oatmeal, seasoning and related products. Although it can improve the taste of food, it contains a lot of harmful substances.

Vegetable fat powder can improve the internal organization of food, increase aroma and fat, make the taste delicate and thick, so it is also a good partner of coffee products, can be used in instant Cereals, cakes, biscuits, etc., to make cake organization delicate and improve elasticity; biscuits can improve the crispness, not easy to oil.

It has good instant solubility, flavors and flavors are similar to “milk”, and can replace milk powder or reduce milk consumption in food processing, so that the production cost can be reduced on the premise of keeping the product quality stable.

It can be seen that one thing can be divided into two sides. Whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, or the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, or the actual situation should be analyzed. As a recognized vegetable fat powder food ingredient, its position in the catering market is not low. How to develop in the future, we can pay attention to it!