What is vegetable fat powder? How serious is the harm of fat powder?

Vegetable fat powder, also known as milk essence, is a new product mainly made of hydrogenated vegetable oil (a kind of product with great harm to human body) and casein. In addition, fat end, also known as trans fatty acids, can induce vascular sclerosis and increase the risk of heart disease and cerebrovascular accident.

It can make people easy to get fat, and the most easy thing is to get fat waist. If the waist is too fat, it is very easy to get fatty liver. It is commonly used in beverages: coffee drinks, milk drinks, instant milk powder, baby drinks, ice cream, etc. Food: instant cereal, instant noodle soup, instant food, bread, cake biscuit, sauce, etc.

The body metabolizes only a few grams a day. It doesn’t matter if you eat less; don’t eat too often and in large quantities. Pregnant women and other special constitution prohibited. Vegetable fat powder can improve the taste, but it contains a certain amount of hydrogenated vegetable oil, saturated fatty acids and more trans fatty acids, which affect human health.

The hazards of trans fatty acids include: lowering HDL-C and increasing LDL-C, aggravating the risk of diabetics, hindering the development of children’s nervous system, and even leading to infertility. There are still some controversies about the harm of fat powder, but we can control a certain amount. Drinking it properly will not affect our health.