What kind of non-dairy creamer is good for making milk tea?

Milk tea, as the name implies, is a mixture of milk and tea, which is usually made of milk and black tea. It has strong milk fragrance and fresh tea fragrance. Of course, you don’t have to make milk tea with milk. The milk tea made with vegetable fat powder has a more rich and mellow flavor. How to make milk tea with vegetable fat powder?

Generally good vegetable fat powder products have two characteristics, one is zero trans fatty acid, the other is made of coconut oil; of course, according to the different ingredients of vegetable fat powder, the effect is different, one is to highlight the tea feeling, the other is to highlight the milk flavor; it is smooth to make milk tea, Matcha, cocoa, etc. Therefore, what kind of fat powder is good for making milk tea? From these two, we can find a more suitable vegetable fat powder products.

Therefore, the recognized milk tea brands in the market tend to choose old and reliable fat end products, such as Kiwi bird, Nestle and crystal flower. Among them, qiyiniao brand’s vegetable fat powder milk flavor will be stronger, so it is often used in all kinds of milk tea to make the taste more smooth; Nestle’s vegetable fat powder milk flavor is more, but it is mainly used to match various kinds of high-quality original tea, which has a light milk flavor and can highlight the tea fragrance; in addition, crystal flower, moderate milk fragrance, suitable for various purposes.

In addition, popular milk tea brands often use three types of raw materials in the process of product preparation, including alcohol, tea and solid powder. Alcohol includes brandy and whisky, which will make people feel different after adding brandy; tea includes Earl Black tea, Ceylon black tea, Assam black tea, jasmine tea, four seasons spring tea and oolong tea, each of which has its own special flavor and is hard to replace; solid powder includes double skin milk powder, jelly powder, fruit powder, smoothie powder and pudding powder It can also bring rich flavor.

As for the actual production of milk tea, it also needs rich matching of seasoning materials, including fruits, jams and sugars. Among them, fruits include all kinds of seasonal fruits, including mango, pineapple, etc. It can also be made into fruit juice and sand ice, etc. the raw materials of jam usually choose high quality jam which is common in the market, and sugar will include white granulated sugar, fructose and caramel, which can be used to adjust sweetness and taste in all kinds of tea drinks.

In a word, a good milk tea, will choose the more appropriate plant fat powder products and raw materials, as long as the right materials, can produce everyone’s favorite fresh milk tea. Of course, everyone’s taste preferences are different. Whether it’s a store or a personal DIY, try different proportions appropriately and try more and more. Delicious milk tea will be made naturally!