What’s the difference between cream and fresh cream?

Due to the different national conditions, the so-called creamer is not equal to vegetable fat powder, powdered oil, companion and fat powder. “Creamer” originally refers to the Westerners when they drink coffee. Its purpose is to make coffee: whiten, thicken, smooth, and neutralize the bitter and astringent taste. Can achieve the above functions can be called “creamer”, the properties of “creamer” include liquid and powder.

In the west, dairy products started earlier, so they usually added “creamer” containing milk when drinking coffee. Later, due to cost factors, they gradually used vegetable oil to replace part of cream or pure vegetable oil. Asian people come into contact with coffee late, and most of the “creamer” varieties are made of vegetable oil. The application of “creamer” also extends from coffee to milk tea, thick soup and solid drinks.

The cream is made up of a mixture of fat and flavors, while the essence of milk is powder flavor. Fresh milk essence is usually made of synthetic perfume and cream extract. It does not contain fresh milk ingredients, but is used to enhance fragrance. Cream is used to increase the flavor of food and smooth taste of food additives. Generally speaking, cream (fat powder) is to adjust the taste, fresh milk essence is to adjust the smell.

Creamer is a kind of fat, sugar, protein, water emulsion, spray drying powder. It is a kind of additive to drink better, not nutritious.
Fresh milk essence has pure natural fresh milk aroma, high concentration, lifelike taste and high temperature resistance. It is suitable for milk tea products, baking products, fried goods, high-grade candy, ice cream, Cereals, ice cream, cakes, bread, biscuits, etc. to increase the flavor and taste of fresh milk.

The difference between milk essence and fresh milk essence lies in the actual scope of use and the effect of finished products. For the majority of consumers, economic benefits are the best choice. You can choose the right products according to your own needs. This site provides the corresponding raw material consultation and the brand service, welcome everybody to leave a message consultation!