What’s the difference between powdered and powdered fats?

Modern consumers are very concerned about food safety, and the widely used vegetable fat powder products have been warmly concerned. After a thorough understanding, we found that the two are very similar, often mistaken. Therefore, in order to solve this kind of problem, what is the difference between powdered and powdered grease? The following will give you a brief introduction.

Vegetable fat powder, also known as milk essence, is mainly made of refined vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil and casein, which is widely used in food. It is often added to coffee, cake, biscuit, chocolate, ice cream and beverage. It is made of sugar, edible vegetable oil and other raw materials with or without milk and / or dairy products.

Powdered oil is an oil in water (O / W) product, which is made by microencapsulation technology, a new and high technology of modern bioengineering and food engineering. The general process is to add oil phase emulsifier into the oil, melt and melt, syrup, sodium caseinate and so on into the water phase to heat and dissolve, then mix, homogenate and spray dry to get the finished product.

Of course, in the actual production, it is also necessary to adjust the production process according to the final product of powder oil application, for example, by controlling the slurry concentration, homogenization pressure, inlet air temperature and outlet air temperature and other production process parameters to adjust the embedding rate, product particle size and product moisture.

What’s the difference between powdered and powdered fats? Vegetable fat powder is also called powder oil, but there are some differences between them. Vegetable fat powder is actually a large category of powdered oil products, that is, the oil used is limited to edible vegetable oil (including edible hydrogenated vegetable oil). The oils used in powdered oils are not necessarily from plants or hydrogenated oils. Almost all edible animal, vegetable oils and edible hydrogenated oils can be processed into powdered oil products.

What’s the difference between powdered and powdered fats? At present, there is no corresponding national standard for powdered oil and vegetable fat powder. However, according to gb2760-2011 “standards for use of food additives”, vegetable fat powder is classified as 02.05 other oils or grease products, and the food additives that can be added are specified. In a word, vegetable fat powder belongs to powdered oil. You can choose the right food according to your own needs.

What’s the difference between powdered and powdered fats? I believe you have understood the difference between the two. If you want to know more about the fat powder, you are welcome to leave a message on our website. The professionals from Boduo international will give you a detailed answer!