What’s the difference between coffee partner and plant fat powder?

The main function of coffee partner is to improve the taste, provide balanced nutrition and give the product “milk feeling”.
Coffee companion, commonly known as creamer, is mainly composed of vegetable fat powder, which is the general name of vegetable fat powder. Vegetable fat powder has various types, different functions and wide application. Its production history can be traced back to the 1950s. Now it has been widely used in baking food ingredients, cold food ingredients, confectionery ingredients and solid beverage ingredients.

Coffee companion ingredients:
The first ingredient is “glucose syrup”, which is a mixture of slightly sweet taste and thickening solution produced by starch hydrolysis.
The second component is “hydrogenated vegetable oil”, which is a semi-solid oil formed by artificial catalytic hydrogenation of soybean oil or rapeseed oil.The third component is sodium caseinate. Finally, there are three kinds of food additives: stabilizer, emulsifier and anti caking agent.

Notes on coffee partner application
1. After artificial catalytic hydrogenation, most of the natural unsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oil become saturated fatty acids, and the unsaturated fatty acids contained in them may lose their natural CIS structure and produce unnatural “trans fatty acids”.

2. Nutritionists believe that trans fatty acids are more dangerous than saturated fatty acids, because saturated fatty acids only increase blood lipids, but do not reduce beneficial high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

3. some recent studies have shown that trans fatty acids may increase the incidence rate of breast cancer and diabetes, and may affect the growth and development of children and the health of nervous system. So it is recommended that children under fourteen years old do not drink well.

Of course, with the progress of science and technology in recent years, we found that more and more manufacturers began to produce zero trans fatty acid end products. Ordinary people only need to control the intake of their daily diet. The actual body will not be affected too much, and there is no need to worry too much.