When adding non-dairy creamer to the beverage, do you need to indicate the ingredients of the non-dairy creamer?

According to the food safety law, it is still necessary. Although there are some differences in local requirements. Soy sauce, for example. Some local regulatory units require the specific ingredients of soy sauce as ingredients to be marked one by one, but some places think that soy sauce is a kind of commonly used seasoning and treated as a single ingredient.

For the ingredients of these composite components, it is not practical to strengthen the supervision of raw material suppliers from the source and control only from the manufacturers. Manufacturers can do is to review the qualification of raw material suppliers and verify the quality of raw materials (but the composition is not easy to verify).

On the other hand, some products are related to the confidentiality requirements of the formula, and not all ingredients are marked or vaguely marked. Of course, even if the ingredients are not marked, it is also under the premise of ensuring food safety, rather than deliberately concealing and not reporting.

Compound ingredients (such as composite stabilizer) refers to the ingredients without processing technology, and production does not need to apply for production license. The production of plant fat is a powder product made of refined oil as the main raw material and melted, mixed, emulsified, spray dried, cooled and packaged. It has processing technology. Production must be processed by production license and should be a product.

Vegetable fat powder is a kind of compound ingredient, and there is no corresponding national standard or industrial standard at present. According to 7718, the original ingredients should be marked one by one. As for the components of vegetable fat powder should be identified, that is, which specific ingredients should be identified, it is different. Therefore, there are corresponding regulations for the labeling of fat end, and there is no fluke mentality. If there are legal and compliance signs, consumers can feel at ease. Why not?