Is coffee really refreshing? What is the effect of coffee?

Coffee is a kind of nutritious and low calorie drink. The caffeine in it has certain exciting effect and can refresh people. It is a good refreshing drink.

Maybe some people say that coffee doesn’t work for me. I still sleep after drinking it

I think it’s just that different people respond differently to the refreshing effect of coffee. It’s not that coffee has no effect.

I am also a person who can sleep after drinking coffee. However, when I am sleepy at night, a cup of coffee can still play a significant role. The real effect is more obvious in the limit state.

In addition to refreshing coffee, there is no small irritation to the stomach. Therefore, Westerners often drink coffee with gingerbread or snacks, which can offset the adverse effects of coffee on the stomach.

That’s why coffee shops usually have a pastry counter. Of course, with desserts, the calories will rise

How to drink coffee healthily?

Coffee itself is very healthy, as long as you do not add the so-called coffee partner, trans fat and sugar is the source of evil.

In fact, Zhai Fei (coffee without sugar and milk) is not terrible, you might as well try it.

I am a pragmatist, how to choose a refreshing coffee?

For pragmatists, the taste of coffee is not high, just a refreshing breakfast coffee or office coffee.