Which one is nutritious, non-dairy milk tea or pure milk?

Although milk tea is a mixture of milk and tea, and the nutritional value of milk tea is still very high, but many of the milk tea on the market, most of which are not milk at all, but some of the products such as h, some flavors and so on. This nutritional value is lower than that of everyone.

Vegetable fat powder is mainly composed of hydrogenated vegetable oil and protein, with fat content of 20% ~ 50%. Its manufacturing process is similar to milk powder, and its main use is as an ingredient of milk tea. Therefore, the vegetable fat powder is also commonly known as milk essence. The composition of vegetable fat powder for this purpose is selective hydrogenated oil, and the content of trans fatty acid is high.

There are many street milk tea with very high sugar content, many even up to 20%; some milk tea shops also use some tea extract, not tea soup, after component analysis found that the nutritional value is not the same. Therefore, when choosing milk tea, we must pay attention to the ingredients of milk tea, and try to choose some more healthy, more primitive and safe milk tea for drinking.

Of course, now on the market in the sale of vegetable fat powder milk tea technology is increasingly perfect, trans fatty acid content is low, as long as the control within a certain standard, for people’s health will not be a big problem. For the vegetable fat powder milk tea, it is a very good development prospect to increase the nutritional value on the basis of not increasing the cost. The improvement of vegetable fat powder product technology is worth looking forward to!