What is a coffee companion? What are the hazards of coffee partners?

When it comes to coffee, everyone should be familiar with it. Many people like to drink it in a sleepy afternoon or a sleepy morning to refresh themselves. However, many people think that the bitterness of coffee is too heavy. They will choose to join the coffee partner. Therefore, a cup of sweet coffee was born. So, what is the coffee partner?

1、 What is a coffee companion

Everyone’s so-called “coffee companion”, also known as “creamer”, is a kind of planting fat powder, which has a wide range of applications and a wide range of varieties. It exists in baked food ingredients, cold food ingredients and solid beverage ingredients. The main components of vegetable fat powder are glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sodium caseinate, and other food additives such as stabilizers and emulsifiers. Coffee partner can improve the taste of coffee, give coffee or light or strong “milk feeling”, the original bitter coffee in its blending will become sweet.

2、 What are the hazards of coffee partners

Since coffee partner can improve the taste of coffee, is it better to add more? The answer is no, because coffee partner is not perfect. The biggest danger of coffee partner is that it contains trans fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids that are harmful to human health. And trans fatty acids are not easy to digest, that is, if you eat too much coffee partner, fat is easy to accumulate in the abdomen, forming a “swimming circle”.

Through the above introduction, do you know about coffee partners? If you think black coffee tastes too bitter, you can try adding some coffee partners to the coffee, but you can also try to add whole milk, which will be better and healthier.