Why can non-dairy creamer replace milk?

Drinking tea is a quiet activity. Drinking milk is good for human health. As a combination of the two, milk tea naturally attracts young people. There are many types of milk tea, such as Hong Kong-style, Taiwanese, low-sugar, milk caps and so on. They all started to use non-dairy creamer instead of milk? I believe everyone is very curious, why use non-dairy creamer instead of milk? Why can non-dairy creamer replace milk?

Why use non-dairy creamer instead of milk? The cost of milk is higher than that of non-dairy creamer, but the composition ratio of the two is similar, and almost the same effect can be achieved. In order to reduce the production cost of milk tea and make up for the shortage of milk supply, non-dairy creamer is often used as a raw material for milk tea instead of milk.

Non-dairy creamer is a new type of product with hydrogenated vegetable oil, emulsifier, anticaking agent and sodium caseinate as main raw materials. Most non-dairy creamer products contain non-dairy creamer, protein, carbohydrates, sodium, calories and trans fatty acids. It is scientifically recommended that the daily intake of trans fatty acids should not exceed 2 grams. Milk tea made with non-dairy creamer contains 0.5 g to 2.7 g of trans fatty acids in every 300 ml (equivalent to a medium cup of milk tea). Therefore, as long as one cup of milk tea a day is controlled, there will be no excessive impact on human health.

In addition to trans fatty acids and sugars, the fat content will also affect the good flavor and taste of milk tea. The recommended daily intake of fat for adults is less than 60 grams, so it is necessary to reduce fat intake. If the fat content of milk is reduced, the production cost will rise, and the use of low-fat milk or skimmed milk will cause poor taste. Therefore, milk tea shops use non-dairy creamers with suitable fat content to replace milk.

In summary, why can non-dairy creamer replace milk? Non-dairy creamer has low-fat, medium-fat and high-fat products. Although the types of non-dairy creamers are different, the replacement of milk with non-dairy creamers has a better taste and lower cost. It is indeed a very good substitute. Of course, for the health of consumers, it is often recommended to use big brand non-dairy creamers instead. Boduo International is a good example, everyone is welcome to consult and cooperate!