Why do milk tea shops on the market still use vegetable fat powder?

First of all, the current technology, the vast majority of manufacturers have improved to produce “0” trans fatty acids of vegetable fat. The health problems of milk tea are more high in fat and sugar than in trans fatty acids. Second, the effect of fat powder in milk tea is really irreplaceable. Milk, light milk, cream, milk powder, these do milk tea and plant fat powder do have very big difference, in other milk tea problems have been mentioned. The milk tea made by Zhizhi powder is thicker and thicker, the milk flavor is not abrupt (hot milk tea is more obvious), and it is better combined with tea and smoother. At least with domestic milk or milk powder can meet very little. Third, the cost of fat powder is not much lower than that of pure dairy products, so it is not the cost that determines it, but the beverage itself.

It is generally acknowledged that vegetable fat powder is cheap, but it does not only refer to the price of vegetable fat powder itself, but also contains a problem of quality assurance. Compared with the milk prepared by fresh milk or milk powder, milk tea made by milk essence is more stable, which is very suitable for making a large barrel at a time and then selling it. This is the original intention of using vegetable fat powder.

In addition, do you think you pay attention to health is the main consumption of milk tea? In fact, the real reason is that milk tea made from real milk is not good to drink. If the water content in real milk is too high, it will seriously damage the taste of milk tea. The tea itself is also the existence of high water content, which will make customers feel that the milk tea is very thin, just like mixing water (however, it is not mixed, but compared with the milk tea made with vegetable fat powder, it does taste like water).

As long as you try to make milk tea with pure milk and tea, you will find that the milk tea made is not drinkable, very difficult to drink. Milk tea made from pure milk is hard to drink, which is the real reason for not using milk. Even if it is your so-called milk tea, it is impossible to make it with pure milk. Either plant fat powder as the main, milk for flavor enhancement, or the following method.

Therefore, compared with the use of real milk, a better alternative is to use light milk (but it is very expensive, much more expensive than bright milk, so a cup of milk tea will have to be sold for more than 20, ordinary customers are afraid that they can’t afford to consume), or use condensed milk (which is much cheaper, but can’t make sugar free, such as adding a little condensed milk to improve the milk flavor, and then adding fructose).