Why do milk tea shops on the market still use vegetable fat powder

After watching coco, happy lemon, a little bit, are using vegetable fat powder instead of milk, bright ordinary milk only 3 yuan less than a can, some people are willing to buy a cup of 15 yuan milk tea, rather than 10 yuan of vegetable fat powder milk tea, why not use milk? What’s strange is that everyone knows the effect of vegetable fat powder on the body. Why are these small shops in downtown area still welcome guests and do business well?

First of all, do the general public really know the effect of fat powder on the body? In fact, most chain enterprises now use 0 anti creamer. Trans fatty acids can cause health problems, so don’t talk about creamer and think it’s a pest.

Moreover, the main problem of tea shop drinks is the high calorie brought by high sugar. Fresh milk tea is really hard to drink without sugar, just like pure milk mixed with water. In that case, would you still like to buy 15 cups? Coco a little bit of the use of taste cold chain milk, the price is more expensive, 950ml, about 20 yuan, a cup of 200ml.

The taste of milk tea made from other cheap buffalo milk is really bad, so the taste is the biggest obstacle, and the cost is secondary. What other transportation problems do you have? I don’t think it’s a big problem that the logistics industry is so developed.

Finally, I would like to say that there is no need to worry about the health of milk tea. Large chain use of 0 anti milk essence has reduced the harm to the minimum, so although drinking milk tea can not give the body how much vitamin, but moderate drinking does not have much harm.

Nutrition depends on three meals a day, right? What we really need to worry about is that people get too many calories every day. The modern catering industry with heavy oil and salt is the most harmful to health!